Windham Mountain Bike Park - the longest jump trail on the East Coast


Windham Mountain Bike Park offers a truly unique downhill riding experience, and the longest jump trail on the East Coast. This Outstanding natural Catskill Mountain terrain has been expertly developed by world renowned trail designers – Gravity Logic, giving riders of all levels something to get stoked about.  Miles of trails are serviced by a high speed quad lift, you’ll never pedal uphill.

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For kids as young as 18 months, and up to 5 years balance bikes are a very simple bikes designed to teach young children how to steer and balance on two wheels, without pedals.

When learning to ride, a child needs to experience the feel of leaning and how steering affects the balance of the bike. By starting them out on a Strider Bike at Windham Mountain Bike park, your child will develop balance, coordination, and confidence!

Kaaterskill Cruise, a beginner level green trail will open on July 4th, 2017. That’s a great addition to the two blue trails off of Citizen’s Downhill, and another blue trail off of Wilderness Roll that were opened last year.  Spend the day at Skills Park. Features include berms, tabletops, mini rock garden, and more. There’s enough fun to keep you there for hours!

Frequent host to professional downhill riders, Home to the UCI World Cup, experienced mountain bikers can ride terrain built for the best in the world. The double diamond UCI World Cup Downhill pro course is rugged, gnarly and fast! Citizens Downhill offers more expert level fun with a natural feel that takes advantage of Mother Nature’s offerings – drops, jumps, rock gardens and even a massive road gap.

Wilderness Roll is jump trail that’s wide with plenty of tabletops, rollers, switchbacks and giant berms. You’ll wind around the summit and charge through the woods before diving between two peaks. For a single track feel, Batavia Skill is narrow and crosses in and out of our glades area before shooting down into the western woods.

Never tried downhill riding? Great! First timers and new riders are welcome. Skills Park is where new mountain bikers are born. 

Upper Lot Skate Park

The new Skate Park located in the upper lot at the lodge. Free admission and fun for all ages! Opening Memorial Day Weekend, 2017.

The rental shop has everything you need – Trek bikes, Specialized demo bikes, safety gear, lessons and guided tours for all abilities. Plus, you’ll find a great selection of retail gear, clothes and accessories.  If you need to fuel up, Tabletop Deli is on-site for indoor and outdoor dining.  Dig into great menu items or build your own lunch with lots of salad and sandwich options.  It’s all here at Windham Mountain Bike Park!

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